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01.30.2007 January 30, 2007

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Casio’s latest, not much to get excited about.

Will Microsoft’s new HD image format catch on?

Vista is out, here’s some pics. I’m getting a mac.

If you’ve never seen James Nachtwey’s work, you need to.

americanphotojournalist and sportsshooters, two sites you should visit when you get a chance.

a very large camera has stopped working.

Microsoft’s trying to win flickr users over to vista. I still plan to get a mac.

aerial views of a lake effect snow storm in Buffalo.

another “taste” of Comet McNaught

digital imaging is creating more and more stories like this.

space rocks up close

Harry Potter all grown up


free photo software January 23, 2007

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Who doesn’t like free stuff?  This little program from Microsoft gives you more information (and the ability to change it) when playing with your pics on either an XP or Vista based PC (or Intel based Mac running XP 🙂 ). Good times.