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01.30.2007 January 30, 2007

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Casio’s latest, not much to get excited about.

Will Microsoft’s new HD image format catch on?

Vista is out, here’s some pics. I’m getting a mac.

If you’ve never seen James Nachtwey’s work, you need to.

americanphotojournalist and sportsshooters, two sites you should visit when you get a chance.

a very large camera has stopped working.

Microsoft’s trying to win flickr users over to vista. I still plan to get a mac.

aerial views of a lake effect snow storm in Buffalo.

another “taste” of Comet McNaught

digital imaging is creating more and more stories like this.

space rocks up close

Harry Potter all grown up


01.27.2007 January 27, 2007

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I hope it catches on…photobump.net

only in L.A

only in New York

Remember that UFO at O’Hare a few weeks ago.

oh tell me he didn’t do this.

an article from the Washington Post last month.

in the states these are attached to red neck jokes.

hmmm, the future of portrait photography 😦

who says you need more than 5 megapixels…Hasselblad does.

Al Magnus.

Top 10 Flickr hacks.

mt. olympus January 25, 2007

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Wowser, Olympus introduced 7 (though dpreview says 8?) new digital cameras today.  The most interesting specs are the FE-250’s ISO 10,000 setting – what the h e double hockey sticks is that about (I’m going to say marketing gimmick) and the ultra impressive focal lengths of the SP-550 with its 28 (wide) to 504 (telephoto) lens, 18x optical! – sweeet.  

A couple other notes of interest on the SP-500. 

  1. It does have Olympus’ CCD-Shift IS (needed with that kind of zoom for sure)
  2. Olympus will have two lens attachments for this camera.  The first is a wide converter lens that allows the reach to go from 28mm down to a very wide 19mm and a teleconverter lens that extends its already impressive 504mm reach to a whopping 856mm.  Wow!

 This all looks good – at least on paper anyway 🙂

new pentax cameras January 23, 2007

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Pentax Optio M30 and the Optio T30. Small, compact, cute little things. The T30 has a 3″ touchscreen, I’m not a big fan of this technology on cameras – though it seems to be somewhat popular amongst several manufacturers at the moment. Touchscreens don’t help you take better pictures and if you drop your camera and crack the screen – then guess what.

Pentax is respected but their sales are relatively small compared to the big boys. Neither of these cameras are market changers by any stretch of the imagination and calling a noisy 3200 ISO to be a nifty anti-shake feature just isn’t cool.