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Ryan Keith
Pittsburg, Kansas

About this site..

idigpics is my wordpress blog that I use to create brief posts (brief because I can’t write or spell worth a sh@#) that link to popular photography sites, articles, blogs, pics, stories, tips, techniques and news on the web.

About me…

I’m an amateur photographer, born in Tulsa, OK and raised in Pittsburg, KS – Go Gorillas! 🙂 After spending a few years in the South (Florida, Georgia) I have moved back to the great flat State of Kansas to get closer to family – I am married and have two (usually wonderful) children.

My background is mostly techie stuff – I worked for both these guys and these guys for a bit. I was also a cop for about 5 years, which was an interesting side note in my life. Now I have a nice quiet (stress free) job working for our County’s Appraiser Office. I believe that everyone needs a hobby – this site and photography is mine.

Feel free to contact me…

Site notes…

– 1/22/07 idigpics.wordpress.com is up and running. I’ve been playing with various blog formats for over a year and I think I have finally found something I am happy with. I will be tying http://www.idigpics.com directly to this site very soon.

– 1/25/07 what the heck has happened to the dpreview.com rss feed (sidebar below flickr pics).  Me or them? Must look into this.

– 1/26/07 well didn’t take me long to get bored with the “old” format.  I’ve decided instead of logging link after link with a separate post for each; to instead combine them all under a single daily post. 



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