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mt. olympus January 25, 2007

Posted by idigpics in camera news.

Wowser, Olympus introduced 7 (though dpreview says 8?) new digital cameras today.  The most interesting specs are the FE-250’s ISO 10,000 setting – what the h e double hockey sticks is that about (I’m going to say marketing gimmick) and the ultra impressive focal lengths of the SP-550 with its 28 (wide) to 504 (telephoto) lens, 18x optical! – sweeet.  

A couple other notes of interest on the SP-500. 

  1. It does have Olympus’ CCD-Shift IS (needed with that kind of zoom for sure)
  2. Olympus will have two lens attachments for this camera.  The first is a wide converter lens that allows the reach to go from 28mm down to a very wide 19mm and a teleconverter lens that extends its already impressive 504mm reach to a whopping 856mm.  Wow!

 This all looks good – at least on paper anyway 🙂



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